Monday, February 22, 2010

Love is all around ♥

L ╬→ Lonely when you're not by my side
O ╬→ Only reason to stay alive
V ╬→ Very important in my heart
E ╬→ Every 12am I will think of you before I fall asleep

I ╬→ I never far apart from you
S ╬→ Sorry to my dear , if I had make you sad

A ╬→ Arrow of Cupid have point to you and me
L ╬→ Love you is my pleasure
L ╬→ Life is just because of you only never wasted

A ╬→ Anyway that can make you smile , I will do it for the only you
R ╬→ Rather to disappear in this world if I had to live without you
O ╬→ Our love never ever change even you are in the heaven and I'm in the hell
U ╬→ U're the only one can make me smile sincerely
N ╬→ Never want to make you cry
D ╬→ Don't leave me alone , my baby ♥

Just wish all the couples can always have a sweet day =)

the idea thought by Mocha Zai
But Createed by Ms. Hueii ♥

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