Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm still fine .

Same style of fringe with sister!
Look alike huh? :p

Still got few days then hav ti sit for exam..
sad** I'm not ready yet!
willing to be emptied when facing the question paper!
Got a feeling...I'm not care of it and goin' to giveee upppp :D

You.. be positive!
I care of you..
that's why I couldn't see you down.
You make me depressed. You make me afraid.
I forgive you truthly..
When you mean like want to keep distance with me..
I got a little miss you. Really.. (:
I'm really treat you as a very good sincere friend.

I'm stressed! but I'm still very fine (:

Smile . /


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  2. dun scare...dun give up now...
    few days left but still have time to sit for ur exam.
    All The best for it
    U can make it~
    drink more water ya...