Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fall for you.

Today watched Twilight - Eclipse with Xemnal~!
Finally.. x)
Excited ehh!!
It's really romantic enough~

p/s::When we get in to the house of cinema
Right , Left and Behind all is Sweet Couple.
The row of our seat all is COUPLE.. Except me and xemnal
Swtt~ 2 Big light bulb among them xDD

Fall for Jacob and Edward ♥
I ♥ Jacob's warmth ;
I ♥ Edward's cares.
If I was Bella , it's really hard to choose anyone of them (:
Hence , It's really sweet enough when you're got such a boyfriend  like anyone of them

Look like couple huh?!
Alamak ehh..
Btw..he isn't!!
hahahaha!! xDD

For you..Xemnal
Don't get influence please!
Dont be the same thinking as her!
Do you know I spend lots of saliva only chg your mind to the positive way?!
Dont waste my effort ehh!! If not..Kill you! xDD

Camwhored ; Hueii


  1. wow~!!
    it's very nice to c ur blog! xD
    wah...say like u wan me to bcum ur bf...><
    har? saliva onii arr? xDD
    sry it's nt i wan to...><
    cuz im really missing think tat's y i wil influence by im getting worst...><

  2. 38 you!
    nobody want you to be my bf..
    perasan xDD
    and energy and time~!!
    i know i know~
    still hav a pair of ears for you wad =D

  3. haha~kidding onii mah~xDD
    haha...thx thx...
    bt im no time to tell u~T^T so busy~><