Tuesday, January 5, 2010

04.01.10 =)

Open school~
feel so special when wear my skul uniform again =)
school uniform nice hor? why I never notice before =D
I School Uniform
Sweet 16 =)
fail to in pure science class T^T
why?!~course of those stupid bangsa problem~!!
nevermind..I'll try to apply for pre science class =)
Compare with YOU..I'm qualify to in wad x)
Boring day ==
after school..went to a tuition centre to try class =)
SHE~kathryn came my house .
She wore my shirt , jeans and ....Argh!!
wakaka xD
look at her pic~!! act pity again hor?
She said :" where got?! I'm really pity larh. "
Do you all think she is pity? xD
xD still want to take picture after school.
No choice~1st day merr x)
went Kah Jun's house .
thx for wan xin fetch us go =)
he is playing FIFA [ football game ] with Kah Kit .
Look at his funny expression~!! xD
The nicer one . =)
Kathryn and Queenzy are in the house of Kah Jun =P
♥Dear , thx for trying to make me smile =)

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